SC3010 and SC3012 Facelift

The SC3010 and SC3012 are getting a facelift

We are very pleased to present our main monitors SC3010 and SC3012 which both are now equipped with a new generation of highly sophisticated 10" / 12" double coated low resonance metal diaphragm woofer.

These woofers enhance the reproduction of low frequencies with exceptional accuracy and dynamism to 29 Hz or 25 Hz, respectively and enable SC3010 and SC3012 to serve as main monitors without the necessity of an additional subwoofer. The amplifier section features new filter adjustments, with a total amplifier output power of 1300 W transforming them into true powerhouses in studio monitoring. The new silver aluminum woofer membrane is visually striking, accentuating the exceptional reproduction quality of the SC3010 and SC3012.

SC3010 and SC3012 feature the largest Air Motion Transformer - RS6 - EVE Audio has developed to deliver high sound pressure levels, extremely low distortion and an optimized directivity. The silver center plate housing a 5" midrange driver and AMT RS6 tweeter can be rotated by 90 degrees allowing to set up the speakers either horizontally or vertically.

SC3010 and SC3012 are made in Germany with the RS6 Air Motion Transformer hand made in EVE Audio's Berlin headquarter.

Both are available now!

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