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The ideal monitoring solution for every studio and application


EVE Audio's nearfield monitors are designed to pack a lot of power into a cabinet as compact as possible. If you're looking for excellent sound in a small space, you'll find it here.

EVE Audio nearfield card.
EVE Audio midfield card.


Our midfield monitors offer amazing sound quality across a wide spectrum. Suitable solutions for demanding home studios and professional sound engineers.


Our main monitors are for anyone who doesn't want to make any compromises in their work. Full power at all frequencies with an amazingly precise and honest sound image.

The EVE Audio SC3010 and SC3012 next to each other.
EVE Audio subwoofer card.


Our active subwoofers offer a powerful extension in the low frequency range. If you attach great importance to the bass range, you will find the right tool here.


For our nearfield monitors SC203, SC204 and SC205 we offer mounting solutions and more.

Display of some EVE Audio accessories.
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