Frequently Asked Questions

All answers to possible questions about our products. If a question is not answered here, please reach out to us.


Which monitors are recommended for my room?
I want to buy a subwoofer, but I do not know which one is the best for my setup?
What are the recommendations for surround and Dolby Atmos systems?


How much burn-in time should I give my EVE Audio monitors or subwoofers?
How to use two subwoofers in one setup?
What distance should be observed between monitors and back wall – especially considering that the bass reflex port is on the rear panel?
What is the ideal left/right position for my SC3070 monitors?
How should I set the Woofer Sel. DIP switch of my SC305 or SC307?
Is it possible to place the SC305 or SC307 vertically?
What height and distance from listening position are recommended for my EVE Audio monitors?
How to place both monitors in a stereo setup?
How to place both monitors and the subwoofer in a 2.1 setup?
How to place the monitors and the subwoofer in a 5.1 setup?
Does the tweeter of the SC305 and SC307 need to be rotated 90 degrees when upright?
Can I place two-way speakers horizontally?
Can I use the monitor speakers as in-wall monitors?
On what kind of surface should I place my EVE Audio monitors?

Technical Questions

What is the maximum input level of my EVE monitors? (SC20X and SC30X)
Are EVE Audio loudspeakers magnetically shielded?
Do I have to systematically turn off my EVE Audio speakers when not in use or can I leave them in standby mode?
In my studio I have a main power switcher that turns on and off the whole system. Can I use it to turn on/off my EVE Audio monitors/subwoofer without damaging them?
I would like to protect the whole front side of my monitors. Is there any accessory available to that end?
What is the rubber cap on the rear side for?
What is the input sensitivity of the EVE monitors?


I cannot change the volume and/or sound settings.
Why does the orange LED ring blink even though the volume of the loudspeaker is not too loud?
My EVE Audio monitor/subwoofer stopped working properly or has a defect. What should I do?

Any other questions?

Our team will be happy to answer them all!

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