Midfield Monitors

Versatile studio monitors for all needs


Versatile 2-way monitor with ultra-wide frequency range – deep and tight low-end combined with brilliant and precise high-end for professional nearfield and midfield applications.


The reference solution among all professional 3-way monitors ensuring highly accurate sound reproduction and true dynamic response over an extended frequency range.


Compact 2-way monitor with an extra-large air motion transformer sets new standards for detailed reproduction of high and mid-range frequencies and, in combination with a 6.5" woofer, ensures powerful bass and thus superior precision across the entire frequency range.


An ultra-compact 3-way monitor with outstanding mid-range reproduction and balanced, precise sound image for recording, home and mastering studios.


No compromise and TEC-Award winning studio monitor sets benchmark for versatility and utmost clarity in sound reproduction — eye catching rotatable mid/high section for vertical and horizontal placements.

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