W&W Studio

DJ Duo from Netherlands

Traversed the world

After meeting up in 2007, Willem van Hanegem and Ward van der Harst came together to form W&W and haven't looked back since.

The Dutch DJ and production duo have transcended the boundaries of genres and traversed the world with their globally acclaimed music and iconic live performances, becoming one of the most sought-after duos the world of electronic music has to offer.

Q82 Acoustics delivered state-of-the-art studio to W&W.
After completing successful projects for well-known artists such as LNY TNZ, Deetox and Bass Modulators, Q82 Acoustics have completed a sleek design studio for international DJ duo W&W.

"We're super happy with the result!"

Custom wrapped in white

Q82 Acoustics used the available space to fit custom furniture, ergonomic chairs, high-gloss white laminate floor and a DJ desk – all of which utilizes LED lighting to great effect. The main monitoring is provided by EVE Audio SC3010 monitor speakers together with a TS110 subwoofer – all custom wrapped in white to match the surroundings, thus ensuring that the studio is one of a kind!

W&W: "We've known Quintin Beekman from Q82 Acoustics for quite a while already and we were impressed by the studios he had already done. We gave him all the freedom to create a studio that would look sick and sound great, and we're super happy with the result!"

Experience sound like the pros

These monitors are used by W&W

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