Peter Lagoda

Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Musician, Producer in Germany

Former bass player

Peter Lagoda is a former bass player from Germany who now works mainly as a mixing and mastering engineer but is also a music producer and musician.

Peter used to have a stereo set-up with EVE Audio monitors in his studio and converted it completely to a Dolby Atmos system. Today he works in his studio with three SC4070, eight SC205 and one TS110.

Peter Lagoda
"They don't color anything; they are just honest."

So much power

"I decided to go with EVE Audio because of the balance of having fun listening to my mixes but having always the confidence to know what’s happening in my mixes because they are so honest."

"The AMT creates a wider sweet spot for your listening position. You don't have to stick with your head in one position, you can move a little bit…without loosing your stereo image."

"And the low end, man, the EVE Audio's they have sooo much power in the low end without being hyped."

Experience sound like the pros

These monitors are used by Peter Lagoda

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