Manuel Knigge

Audio Engineer, Producer & Musician

The Audio Bunker

Manuel Knigge is a Berlin, Germany based audio engineer, producer and musician.

His studio is located in a bunker from WW2 and consequently called the "Audio Bunker".

The main monitors Manuel uses in the "Audio Bunker" are SC3070. It took him couple of weeks to get used to the speakers because they sounded different to the speakers he had before. But the more Manuel listened to the SC3070 and the more he learned how they work the more he learned to love them. Today Manuel sums up that he feels he doesn't need as much time as before to create depth to his mixes.

Manuel Knigge
"They wont lie to me!"

They jump in your face

"What also really excites me about the speakers is the stereo image is crazy. The vocals, when they are in the middle they are spot on in the middle, they jump in your face literally."

"With the SC3070 why in god's name would I need a subwoofer? Because the low end that comes out... is just insane!"

Experience sound like the pros

These monitors are used by Manuel Knigge

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