La Baia Dei Porci

Sound Engineer & Bass Player in Italy

Sound engineer, bass player and lecturer

La Baia Dei Porci Studio is a recording facility located in Nereto (TE) Italy.

Studio owner Stefano Lelii has been a highly regarded sound engineer and bass player in the audio world for more than 15 years who tours the world with national bands. And, he also works as a lecturer at Milan based audio school.

In the last decade he completed more than 60 productions and worked with well known producers and artists such as Marco Borsatti, Paolo Costa, Lele Melotti, Luca Colombo, Marco Vannucci, Dado (Zelig), Grande Mago (Zelig), Alessio Caraturo, Daniele Groff, Lighea, Max De Angelis, Gianni Ulivieri, Attilio Fontana, Joe Circhirillo, Maurizio Cinesi, Diego Calvetti, Mimmo Cavallo, Marco Fringuellino, Marco Marsili, Filippo Gabrielli, Sae Institute Milano, RS Project, Bmg Ricordi Firenze, Lizard Fiesole, Sant Luis College Roma, Dodici Lune Records Bari, Jungle Sound Station Milano, Effegi-Sound Ascoli Piceno, Le Scimmie Milano, Platinum Studio Siena, Anteros Produzioni Ascoli Piceno, Studio Infinito Terni and others.

Stefano Lelii
"They are perfect even in difficult environments. Thumbs up, I really can recommend EVE!"

Flexibility and clear sound

Stefano was in the market for studio monitors for Studio La Baia dei Porci's main recording room A when EVE Audio SC307 where introduced to him.

He remembers: "EVE was new to me but I was very curious to check them out."
After some listening sessions the decision was made and Stefano comments his choice: "I chose the EVE Audio monitors for their flexibility and clear sound. With those monitors you get great value for your money. They are perfect even in difficult environments. Thumbs up, I really can recommend EVE!!"

Experience sound like the pros

These monitors are used by Stefano Lelii

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