Kohlekeller Studios

Producer & Guitarist from Germany

Rock and heavy metal

The Kohlekeller Studios near Frankfurt/Main, Germany are a music production studio for Rock music and heavy metal.

In more than 20 years countless metal albums have been produced here in these studios and bands like Powerwolf, Crematory, Aborted, Hämatom, Eskimo Callboy, Benighted, Joachim Witt to name a few have recorded their music here.

Head from Kohlekeller Studios, Kristian "Kohle" Bonifer opens the studio doors for us and tells us how his "liaison against will" with EVE Audio has started, who recommended him to check out the EVE Audio SC3070 studio monitors, what nailed him and why he is now beliEVEing.

"Everything I heard on those EVE's was exactly right, was exactly correct. That meant I wasn't listening to the speakers in here, I was listening to the music. And that is the biggest compliment you can give a studio monitor."

Kristian "Kohle" Bonifer
"They just tell you what the music sounds like. […] The bass response is amazing for a speaker of that size."

All the details

"Really nice low end, tight and not overly hyped or anything like this. The midrange is very precise. Especially when you eq guitars you got to be able to hear all the details. And the midrange sounds very very clean... and the higher frequencies sound very very natural."

Experiene sound like the pro's

These monitors are used by Kristian "Kohle" Bonifer

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