JB Tonstudio

Jordi Büchel - Mastering Engineer in Germany

Analogue sound without compromise

Jordi Büchel is a mastering engineer who runs his own studio near Cologne, Germany.

At JB Tonstudio, he offers recording, mixing and mastering for the music styles rock, blues and singer-songwriter. His services also include the production and post-production of voice recordings, e.g. for audio books, podcasts and voiceovers. Bands like Wayford West, Plainride and Bermooda have realized their projects in the JB Tonstudio in recent years, convinced by its high-class analogue sound without compromise. Jordi has equipped the studio with boutique equipment from all over the world.

A pair of EVE Audio SC3012 studio monitors spontaneously found their way from Berlin to the studio in 2023. Since then, they are used as the main monitors and complemented by two near-field monitors and classic sound cubes.

Jordi Büchel
"Whether recording, mixing or mastering, they always tell you what the sound is really like."

What Jordi says about his SC3012

"The EVE Audio SC3012s translate the sound the way I expect. After just two or three days, I felt like I had known the speakers forever. Their sound felt familiar to me very quickly. What I hear on the SC3012s is like this. Whether recording, mixing or mastering, they always tell you what the sound is really like."

"As main monitors, they complete the monitoring system in my studio. Since they go down to 25 Hz, a subwoofer is absolutely unnecessary."

"The low end is defined and punchy. The mids come across clear and tidy, while the highs are transparent and pleasantly soft. Reverberation rooms are three-dimensional."

"In audio production, I consider honest feedback from the monitors to be essential. For me, monitors and AD/DA converters are two points in the signal chain that must reproduce the audio material neutrally. The SC3012s do just that."

Experience sound like the pros

These monitors are used by Jordi Büchel

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