Florian Meindl

DJ & Producer in Berlin, Germany

Two SC4070 and Four TS112

Florian Meindl is a multi talented artist who is known for his technical prowess, his diverse and powerful techno productions, live performances and DJ sets.
Born in Austria, Florian lived in London, UK for some time before Berlin, Germany became his second home.

Here in Berlin he set up his studio where all his music is created and his musical ideas are born.

Florian trusts EVE Audio SC4070 main monitors in combination with 4 (yes, four!) powerful TS112 subwoofers to be able to create a club-like sound in his studio. In his video he explains the requirements Florian has to his equipment especially his monitors and what benefits he gets from his EVE Audio set up.

Florian Meindl
"Monitor speakers […] should reveal everything what is there. […] and my Eve Audio monitors do exactly that with an amazing precision."

Experience sound like the pros

These monitors are used by Florian Meindl

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