Euge Valovirta

Musician & Mixing Engineer from Switzerland

The search for new speakers

Euge Valovirta started to get international fame as the guitarist of the Swedish masters of darkness, "Shining", where he worked alongside with Niklas Kvarforth as songwiriting-partners between 2010 and 2017.

Nowadays he is manning the lead guitar of skyrocketing Swedish melodic metal band Cyhra and his groovy metal project "Red Wolf". He also has a self titled YouTube channel.

Euge has had a studio in Switzerland for the last few years where he does recording, producing, mixing and mastering his own music/bands and also for other artists/bands around the world. After using his old speakers for years, he knew he needed an upgrade. And this time even without a subwoofer. After our recommendation based on his application, he tested the EVE Audio SC3070 and the search for new speakers ended abruptly.

Euge Valovirta
"I love the clarity of the midrange, because that’s where the magic lies in the mix and it’s really important […] to hear all the details."

Clear and punchy

"I used to need a sub with my previous monitors but with these SC3070s there's no need 'cos the low end is really clear and punchy but not overly hyped. I love the clarity of the midrange 'cos that's where the magic lies in the mix and it's really important, especially when dialing guitar tones, to hear all the details clearly. The highs are also very natural, and I can really trust what I'm hearing."

Euge tells us his story about our SC3070 studio monitors, how he works with these speakers and why he is now beliEVEing in the video below.

Experience sound like the pros

These monitors are used by Euge Valovirta

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