DJ Aligator

DJ, artist and producer from Denmark

From scratch to worldwide success

The famous DJ, artist and producer from Denmark achieved worldwide breakthrough with his Single "The Whistle Song" in 2000, resulting in 15 #1 placements, 12 top 3 placements, and 5 top 10 placements around the world.

DJ Aligator
“The low frequency, the middle frequency and the top frequency sound exactly how a good speaker should sound. They sound so natural, they don’t color the sound and I know that I can count on these speakers – they are phenomenal.”

EVE Audio monitors in his studio

He has performed alongside Britney Spears, Enrique Iglesias & Pink and in more than 40 countries. In his studio he uses EVE Audio SC3012, experiencing not only good but also right sound from the first moment he has listened to them. In general, all his productions are mixed on EVE speakers, calling them the best speakers on the market. In the meantime, he has wrapped the SC3012 in white and added the SC3070 to his setup.

Experience sound like the pros

These monitors are used by DJ Aligator

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