Benni Bilgeri

Musician, Composer, Producer in Austria

Living the guitar

Benni Bilgeri is a guitar player, composer, arranger and producer based in Austria who recently upgraded his studio with a pair EVE Audio SC3012.

With his exalted and extravagant way of not only playing the guitar, but living it, he enriches a wide variety of musical projects, both live and in the studio, time and again, and is one of the most striking and exciting guitarists of our time.

Benni Bilgeri
"Why EVE Audio? Because they are the best! I never heard a studio monitor in this size, which is so precise and so detailed."

Totally in love

„The detail especially in the low end is unbelievable. It’s great for tracking“

„The SC3012 are beasts. They are powerful and detailed and I’m totally in love. I can work hours and hours and don’t get tired.“

Experience sound like the pros

These monitors are used by Benni Bilgeri

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