BahçeKat Studio

Tracking & Mixing Studio in Türkye

The most important links

The well-respected Turkish BahçeKat Studio is equipped with a pair of EVE Audio SC207.

Studio owner and drummer Serkan Ayman comments on his purchase as follows:

"Monitor speakers belong to the most important links of a signal chain in a studio. We have been looking for another pair of speakers in our studio for a long time. We decided to try a pair of EVE Audio speakers which have been a raising brand lately and got in touch with Radikal Ltd. to demo a pair of SC207 speakers. Together with EVE Audio we have A/B'ed many world leading well-known brands in our studio and in the end we decided to continue with EVE SC207s."

Serkan Ayman
"The most important reasons why we have chosen EVE are the transparency and clarity of the sound that we had from the speakers."

"Bass response was spectacular when compared to its size and because of the placement of the bass port it provides a wide and precise sound. Another important issue was that the ribbon tweeter provides much more detailed sound above 5 kHz. Better transient response capability was astonishing especially on percussive instruments made them easier to track and mix. I am not even talking about the ease of use because of front panel DSP adjustments. Depending on the room size, none would miss the opportunity of trying out an EVE Audio model in their studio."

Experience sound like the pros

These monitors are used by Serkan Ayman

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