Air Studio

Recording Studio in Italy

Designed for young producers

Air Studio is the third recording studio that now belongs to the group of studios Mr. Diego Piotto and Mr. Maurizio Baggio own in Vicenza which is a few kilometers away of Venice, Italy.

Whilst Art Music is their studio for acoustic music and post production for movies is their recording studio La Distilleria known as the Italian "Mecca" for all sorts of indie rock, punk, metal and electronic music. For the full La Distilleria BeliEVEr story please check here.

Now, Air Studio was designed to be rented to young producers/musicians who wish to make their own musical productions with professional equipment and in a welcoming and creative environment with a correct acoustic response.

Because in La Distilleria Mr. Maurizio Baggio already relies on EVE Audio SC208 studio monitors the decision which monitors to use in Air Studio was not difficult to make and Air Studio became the home of another pair SC208.

"On the SC208 we can work for hours without straining the ear and the bass reproduction is amazing."

Monitors you believe in

"For us, in addition to acoustic treatment, the most important tool for detailed and precise listening is having the monitors you believe in, which is why we chose the EVE Audio SC208 monitors for our new mixing/production room in Air Studio.
On the SC208 we can work for hours without straining the ear and the bass reproduction is amazing and important to us especially when we do post production for movies."

Experience sound like the pros

These monitors are used by

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