Adrian Tucker

Producer, Mastering Engineer, Educator in Spain

From piano lessons to music entrepreneur

Adrian Tucker is an entrepreneur who owns his own brand "Adrian Tucker" through which he centralizes all his work as a producer, mastering engineer, educator, and now his new Dolby Atmos sound adventure.

In the age of 6 Adrian started learning classical piano and extended those lessons to modern music 7 years later. He also discovered his passion for recording, mixing and mastering. This combined with a degree in marketing and market research led him to do what he does nowadays: Adrian works as a music producer, he is a mixing engineer for artists like Tinezz, Raquel Lamb, Maarilc, Järjim and runs one of the most popular Spanish-speaking YouTube channels about music production.

His studio got upgraded to Dolby Atmos, using EVE Audio SC3070, SC205, SC204 and TS108 subwoofer. In the video below Adrian shares insights on how the conversion from stereo to immersive audio has worked and what impact this audio format has to his workflow.

Adrian Tucker
"I love the SC3070s because they have an impressive low end, [...] the mids are detailed and accurately defined, and the high frequency range is super smoothly reproduced"

Adrian about his Dolby Atmos setup

"My EVE Audio setup for Dolby Atmos is great because the brand has speakers of very varied sizes to fit best into each configuration. Perhaps, the most important thing is that the frequency response in the high frequencies of the monitors matches the responses recommended by Dolby Atmos so it is adjusted to the standards and everything is much simpler and functional."

Experience sound like the pros

These monitors are used by Adrian Tucker

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