A-Town Recordings

Producer, Sound Designer, Musician from Germany

Starting young

Gundy Keller has grown up playing drums, and this gave him a deep feeling for rhythm which is still audible in his work as a professional guitarist.

With roots in the musical fever of the 70's, Gundy's music and guitar playing are based on a strong Afro-American influence enriched by tasteful rock and pop additions. The result is a highly versatile guitar playing serving extensive composition skills.

When he is not hitting the roads through Europe and Asia, Gundy dedicates himself to songwriting and production. To do this, he founded his own studio facility "A-TOWN recordings" where he writes, plays, records and/or produces a wide range of music styles.

Gundy uses his studio suite also for sound-design projects ordered by pro-audio companies like Spectrasonics, Ueberschall, Roland Corp. Japan, promotional video productions for companies such as Kemper Profiling Amps or Two Notes Torpedo speaker simulations and to host his guitar masterclass program for players from all musical horizons.

The Studio offers comprehensive high-quality backline, especially everything what guitarists and bass players can dream of, percussion instruments, drums, keyboards and more — Gundy the guitar player started behind the drums and went through various instruments to feed his musical curiosity.

Gundy Keller
"The SC307's deliver detailed, silky highs and tight bass. The speakers are ideal for the extended near field listening area in my studio."

The system in the control room is based on several linked Yamaha mixing desks, LOGIC Pro DAW, a selection of fine outboard gear and a pair of EVE Audio SC307 monitors. Gundy states:

"For well over half a year, I have been a user of Eve Audio SC307 active near-field monitors and have to say: Chapeau [ed. note: French for hats off]! They are not tiring to my ears, even after long recording sessions. I have grown very accustomed to my SC307's and they feel as comfortable to my ears as my best pair of shoes do for my feet!"

The SC307 is a 3-way reference monitor equipped with an EVE Audio AMT and two SilverCone 6.5" speakers driven by three PWM amplifiers. Like every EVE monitor, the SC307 is controlled by a DSP system ensuring accurate and reproducible settings. And like every other EVE monitor, the SC307 is all about faithful, precise and nuanced sound reproduction.

Gundy attests: "The SC307's deliver detailed, silky highs and tight bass. The speakers are ideal for the extended near field listening area in my studio. And if necessary, the volume on these speakers can be cranked up while still retaining headroom and definition, which is quite beneficial when composing, arranging and recording. I can't wait for the big SC408!"

Experience sound like the pros

These monitors are used by Gundy Keller

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