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TRADE SHOWS Date Location Booth No.
Inter BEE Nov 15-17, 2017 Tokyo - Japan
NAMM Show Jan 25-28, 2018 Anaheim - USA Booth #11008
SC3010 + TS110 for W & W


International DJ duo W & W believes in SC3010 and TS110

Q82 Acoustics delivers state-of-the-art studio to W & W.

After completing successful projects for well-known artists such as LNY TNZ, Deetox and Bass Modulators, Q82 Acoustics have completed a sleek design studio for international DJ duo W & W.

Q82 Acoustics used the available space to fit custom furniture, ergonomic chairs, high-gloss white laminate floor and a DJ desk – all of which utilizes LED lighting to great effect. The main monitoring is provided by EVE SC3010 monitor speakers together with a TS110 subwoofer – all custom wrapped in white to match the surroundings, thus ensuring that the studio is one of a kind!

W & W: "We've known Quintin Beekman from Q82 Acoustics for quite a while already and we were impressed by the studios he had already done. We gave him all the freedom to create a studio that would look sick and sound great, and we're super happy with the result!"

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Visit EVE Audio


EVE Audio – a company profile

Come and join us on a video tour of our premises and learn more about EVE Audio (please click on the subtitle button to enable Englisch subtitles):

For more details about EVE Audio's history please click here. Parts of our company's lab are a large reverberation room and anechoic chamber. Click here to learn what that anechoic chamber is for.

For more videos please check out our YouTube channel – and thanks for watching.

EVE Audio studio monitors are available in more then 60 countries around the globe. To find your nearest EVE dealer please click here.

Further information and details about our entire range of monitors are available in the individual product descriptions or in our user manuals.

SC203 in LowBeats & audisseus


LowBeats and audisseus review EVE Audio SC203

The smallest speaker in our range, the desktop loudspeaker system SC203 caught attention of two German magazines: LowBeats and audisseus reviewed that model and we are pleased to share some findings with you:


"A special praise goes to the bass reproduction: as expected it did not reach to the deepest octave, but for a speaker of this size was the bass exceptionally tight and clean. The advantage is that low-frequency room resonances are less stimulated, which makes the sound impression pleasant to listeners even in rooms with non-optimal acoustics."
"The fact that the Eve Audio also has the necessary dynamic temperament was demonstrated with extremely critical Psytrance tracks such as the "We Have To Go Even Deeper" from Crystal Vibe - even with powerful volume, the sensitive "click" in the attack phase remained punchy."
"The overall high quality goes hand in hand with first-class engineering and workmanship, so that the purchase price of €499 absolutely justifies."
"If space requirements and mobility are an issue, the Eve Audio SC203 is with regard to sound and functionality with no competition."


"Thanks to the passive radiator is the reproduction of the low end really satisfying; the reproduction of high frequencies succeed thanks to AMT anyway."
"With SC203 EVE audio has a few great small monitors to offer. They are not cheap, but every euro worth. Top equipped, very well processed, offer well thought-out accessories (pocket, subwoofer) and can be connected with analog and digital sources."
"Definitely a recommendation!"

Both reviews in full length and German language are available on SC203's product page or here.

Many thanks to LowBeats and audisseus for reviewing our EVE Audio SC203.

EVE Audio studio monitors are available at a wide dealer network in Germany. Please follow the link to find your nearest EVE dealer or call +49-30-6704 4180. For worldwide distributions please click here.

Further information and details about our entire range of monitors are available in the individual product descriptions or in our user manuals.

SC207 for Jangwon Kim


Jangwon Kim beliEVEs in SC207

Jangwon Kim is one of Korea's hottest keyboard players and producers. Not only does he play the keys brilliantly for the famous Korean indie band "Daybreak", he also composes for Korean films (for instance soundtracks for the movies "Ditto" or "My Boss My Hero") and K-pop singers. Jangwon Kim has worked with famous Korean singers such as Bada, Seo Yeong Eun, Acourve and many more.

Our Korean distributor Sound n Music had the pleasure to interview Jangwon Kim to find out what he thinks about the EVE Audio SC207 he recently installed in his studio:

"Before using the SC207 I've used various studio monitor speakers. I was working with a 4" woofer which provided necessary clarity and was well balanced, but couldn't produce the lower frequency range as well as I had hoped. So I've been searching for the right match for a while and now have found the perfect monitors: EVE Audio SC207! Originally I was aiming for the SC307 or SC208 but considering the size of my studio I decided to go with the SC207." asserts Jangwon Kim, before adding: "I was blown away by the results. The lower frequency range was more rich and powerful than ever, the little details I couldn't hear before (from all my favourite songs and previous projects) were now crystal clear and transparent. The system offers a wider stereo image and helps capture the movement of the instruments."

Jangwon Kim further comments: "I've used many different 7", 8" monitor speakers but always had the same problem, but the SC207 speaker's lower frequencies do not overwhelm but produces a captivating full rich sound that I liked very much especially in my room. It hasn't been long since I started using the SC207, so I'm still in process of getting used to the sound. I'm sure as I get more used to it, I will learn to use the SC207 to its fullest potential and get even better results. Definitely looking forward to it!"

Sound n Music is our exclusive distributor in Korea. For assistance or further information please contact Sound n Music Co. at +82 2 2058 1226 or visit President JY Kim and his team look forward to being of assistance.

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