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TRADE SHOWS Date Location Booth No.
Inter BEE Nov 16-18, 2016 Tokyo - Japan Stand 3218
Bitam Nov 22-24, 2016 Madrid - Spain 37-38
Taipei Audio Show Dec 15-18, 2016 Taipei - Taiwan Room 516
NAMM Show Jan 19-22, 2017 Anaheim - USA Stand A 6865
Audio Video Show Praha Mar 31 - Apr 1, 2017 Prague - Czech Republic
SC203 for Super Changddai


Super Changddai believes in SC203

Super Changddai is one of the leading composers of Korean pop music today, who was fortunate enough to collaborate with legendary composers and singers such as Hyunddo Lee and Younghun Ju when he started out. As the chief composer for JYP (one of the three big Korean entertainment companies) he worked with lots of Korean icons such as 2 PM, 2 AM, Miss A, ApinK, and Teen Top. Nowadays, Super Changddai has his own company – Super Changddai Lab – where he produces his own artists.

As a composer who studied classical music, he did not want to be seen only as a producer of Korean pop dance music, so he got actively involved in other genres. Among his musical achievements are having written music for girl band "Ladies' Code" mixing Korean dance music with funk, the soundtrack for the "Mask Dalho" movie where Korean traditional Trot music meets rock, and some mid-tempo acoustic pop songs for renowned singer "Park Boram". Super Changddai's motto is "Make pop music people liked in the past, like now and will like in future".

Here are some examples of Super Changddai's oeuvre:
Ladies' Code - Pretty Pretty
Mask Dalho (movie) - 2 Lane Road
Park Boram - Dynamic Love
Kim Bum Soo - Real Meal
Apink - I don't know
Jang Woo Young - Rose (Japanese version)
BaeK A Yeon - Sad Song

Super Changddai has a pair of EVE Audio SC203 desktop loudspeakers in his studio and this is what he has to say about them:
"They are very comfortable to work with without hurting your ears. I use the SC203s as a second pair of speakers now and am very surprised with the deep and tight bass that comes out of such small speakers. I can even mix exclusively on the SC203s without a single issue".

Sound n Music is our exclusive distributor in Korea. For assistance or further information please contact Sound n Music at +82 2 2058 1226 or President JY Kim and his team look forward to being of service.

SC3010 in MusicTech


MusicTech reviews EVE Audio SC3010

A glowing SC3010 review appeared in MusicTech's September 2016 issue. We have some excerpts for you:

"Most impressive, though, is the performance of the broad midrange, the area that lets down many inferior designs."

"Showing no favour to any part of the audio spectrum, all the subtle elements of the Bowie track were presented clearly, enabling us to hear the precise timbre of the various instruments and multitracked vocals."

"Imaging is another of the SC3010's strong points, with instruments located precisely within the stereo picture."

"At just shy of five grand the EVE SC3010 offer outstanding value for money, giving you so much in terms of advanced technology, thoughtful design and, above all else, superb sound reproduction."

The review in full length is available in MusicTech's September 2016 issue or here.

Many thanks to MusicTech for allowing us to use this article.

EVE Audio studio monitors are available in several countries around the globe – please check back with your local distributor to find your nearest dealer to listen to EVE monitors.

Further information and details about EVE Audios entire range of monitors are available in the individual product descriptions or in our user manuals.

SC203, SC307 & TS108 for LoudBell Studio


LoudBell Studio believes in SC307 + TS108 (2.2 system) and SC203

Moon-soo Park is a Korean recording, mixing and mastering engineer. Also known as "Easternsound," he is pretty well-respected among members of many online music communities in Korea.

Park started his career as a songwriter and used to outsource all the mixing and mastering of his productions. But one day, while passionately writing pop songs and music for video games, he started to grow an interest in the technical aspects – the decision to learn how to mix and master himself was a turning point in his career.

Once his own studio – LoudBell Studio – was fully operational, Moon-soo started working with many musicians in various genres. Within 10 years he has engineered close to 2000 songs, an impressive number on all accounts, especially for such a relatively short period of time. And, as if that weren't enough, he also lectures at Record Factory, one of Korea's largest studios and engineering academies.
As of lately he has been involved, among other things, in the mixing and mastering of the original soundtracks for the highly popular "Yuknyongi-narsha" TV series and the blockbuster "The Priests 2015."

LoudBell Studio, Moon-soo Park and Sound n Music – EVE Audio's exclusive distributor in Korea – have a deep-rooted relationship. They cooperate closely on many professional music projects and, thanks to the support and coordination efforts of Sound n Music, lots of well-attended seminars and lectures are being regularly served to the Korean music community.
The career expansion and networking opportunities provided by such a well-equipped studio as LoudBell can't be neglected.

When asked about EVE Audio speakers, Moon-soo Park spares no praise: "They always deliver a remarkable high resolution that never fatigues my ears. I also love the very transparent high frequencies and tight low end, which is quite unique to EVE."

LoudBell Studio relies on a 2.2 setup with a pair of SC307 and two TS108s as main monitoring system, plus a pair of recently acquired SC203s for desktop monitoring.
Park explains, "When I was setting up the studio, I tried a subwoofer to improve room acoustic. Adding one more sub was the perfect solution for me because it effectively removed resonances in certain frequency ranges. Ever since, I always recommend my clients and friends to try a 2.2 EVE Audio system."

Now, with the arrival of the SC203s, Park's workflow has changed a bit: "When my mix is almost done I always double-check on the SC203s. If it sounds good, I'm done. I frequently check my mixes only on the satellites, without the subwoofer. The result is very consistent and the speakers translate extremely well to other systems."

Park enjoys a lot the sound he gets from his EVE speakers and trusts them 100%.

Sound n Music is our exclusive distributor in Korea. For assistance or further information please contact Sound n Music Co. at +82 2 2058 1226 or Brand manager Ilju Lee and his team look forward to being of service.

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