2-way 4" Monitor
2-way 5" Monitor
2-way 7" Monitor
2-way 8" Monitor
3-way 5" Monitor
3-way 7" Monitor
4-way 7" Monitor
4-way 8" Monitor
10" Main Monitor
12" Main Monitor
7" Subwoofer
8" Subwoofer
10" Subwoofer
12" Subwoofer
for SC204/205
Wall mounts
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TRADE SHOWS Date Location Booth No.
KOBA Show 20.05 - 23.05.2014 Seoul - Korea Stand A907
136th AES Convention 26.04 - 29.04.2014 Berlin - Germany Stand 39
Musikmesse 12.03 - 15.03.2014 Frankfurt - Germany Hall 5.1, booth #B57
SC204+TS107 in MusicTech


MusicTech checks out EVE Audio's SC204 in combination with TS107

EVE Audio's smallest monitor SC204 in combination with the smallest sub TS107 has been thoroughly reviewed by MusicTech magazine in its March 2014 issue.

Provides a small system automatically small sound?

"The detail resolution is first-class and the TS107 integrates so seamlessly and unobtrusively that this reviewer frequently felt compelled to place his fingers against its cone to check it was doing something."

"This is a superb-sounding, full-frequency system with user-friendly features that's particularly well suited to smaller rooms."

MusicTech praises:
• Superb sound quality
• Excellent remote control
• Full frequency response
• Compact
• Excellent front-mounted controls
• Standby mode

The review in full length is available in MusicTech's March 2014 issue.

Many thanks to MusicTech for allowing us to use excerpts of this article.

SC204, TS107 and all other EVE Audio 2way, 3way, 4way monitors and subwoofers are available in several countries around the globe – please check back with your local distributor to find your nearest dealer to listen to EVE monitors.

Further information and details about EVE Audios entire range of monitors are available in the individual product descriptions or in our user manuals.

TS108 in FutureMusic


FutureMusic's Platinum Award for TS108

EVE Audios mid-size Subwoofer TS108 has been carefully reviewed by the UK based FutureMusic magazine.

Please read some passages of that review below:
"This TS108 can produce oodles of low frequencies, and as a seasoned 2.1 monitor user, I have to say this knocks the socks off my sub."

"..., the TS108 is a great sub, and the onboard DSP functionality makes it ideal for use not only with EVE Audio's own nearfields, but with any powered monitors."

"It seems odd to get excited about a subwoofer but the TS108 is an excellent, feature-packed design."

FutureMusic highlights:
1. Helps deliver a flexible 2.1 set-up
2. Remote control is a godsend
3. Oodles of low frequency power

For their outstanding performance TS108 has received FutureMusic's Platinum Award! Thank you!!

The review in full length was published in March issue of FutureMusic magazine or is online available at musicradar.com.

Many thanks to FutureMusic Magazine for allowing us to use this article.

The complete range of EVE Audio monitors is available in several countries - please check back with your local distributor and do not hesitate and ask for your personal EVE Audio demonstration.

Further information and details about EVE Audios entire range of monitors are available in the individual product descriptions or in our user manuals.

DJ QuestionMark


Stephan Ying aka DJ QuestionMark chooses SC208

Stephan Ying, also known as DJ QuestionMark is a Taiwanese DJ, music producer, sound recording engineer. He was Champion for East Asia Pioneer DJ competition in 2010, won the World DJ Competition Championship in 2011 and represents Taiwan at World DJ Competition which is held amongst no more than 20 worldwide DJs every year in the UK.

One of his latest projects included the music production for the opening ceremony of the World Ice Event "2013 Artistry on Ice" performed with Olympics Gold Medallists in Taipei, GuangZhou, Shanghai and Beijing to name a few.

With his constant curiosity for music, he experienced all different kinds of music and is always searching for different tastes in music and possibilities. Some of his work can be found here: KDX Red House, Petroleum, Can't See No Light, Sound of Comebuy.

Stephan Ying: "I realized the 5" monitors I previously used did not satisfy my needs for sound quality anymore and I started looking for a speaker that provides more details in low and mid-low frequency. I looked for a 7-8" monitor to fit equally into my home studio and budget. When I listen to monitors depth of sound is important to me, high frequency should not be sharp, lows tight and mids crystal clear.

Word of mouth led DJ QuestionMark to contact Audio Solution and consequently EVE Audio. He says: "We A/B'd a number of brands in an intense listening session and I realized I love the sound quality of EVE. The music included Dance, Jazz and Funk but no matter what music was played the sound reproduction was always very clear and open. I really liked the vocals; they sounded as if this was live. In this auditioning I also listened to some of my own work. No matter if it was a studio recording or live performance flaws were immediately detected. For me EVE has the most suitable monitors that I have ever encountered for my work. The accuracy in my work has dramatically increased and I'm very satisfied.

Although the EVE's were a bit more expensive than I thought I made my decision very soon and do not regret my purchase since. Since some time the EVE SC208's are installed in my studio. I had to get used to the high frequencies these speakers produce that sound always clear and silky. The comfortable one push knob operation in front offers easy access to control HIGH, LOW and DESK settings. This saves me a lot of time. At night, when I work at a lower volume it's still comfortable to listen to those speakers and the quality remains to be on the same high level. With this excellent sound quality I can work longer without my ears getting tired and I'm sure this pair EVE SC208 is the beginning of a long lasting and close relationship. My deepest gratitude to EVE Audio and Audio Solution for allowing me to experience such wonderful and excellent monitors."

Lee Sheng Musical Instruments is our exclusive distribution partner for Taiwan. For any local assistance or guidance please call at +886 2 2382 2568 or visit www.audiosolution.com.tw.
Sales Director Allen Chou and Brand manager James Tan look forward to helping you.



Musikmesse 2014 – EVE Audio is aboard and more than ever before!

We are proud to announce that we will present our wide range of professional studio monitors at Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany from March 12th to 15th.

Alongside the monitors of our 2Way- and 3Way-Series the complete range of our newly available 4Way systems and subwoofers will be shown this year and also our two premiering products SC3010 and SC3012!

SC3010 and SC3012 are designed and assembled in Germany and serve as main monitors, making them especially well-suited for large recording studios, mastering suites, audio post-production studios for film and television, including cinema applications and in-wall installations.

SC3010 utilizes a new 10" low frequency driver while the SC3012 houses a 12" low frequency driver. Both models are equipped with a 5" Rohacel™ sandwich diaphragm woofer that has been designed to reproduce midrange frequencies very clearly and with utmost detail.

The SC3010 and SC3012 are the only monitors in the EVE Audio range that feature the newly developed RS6 Air Motion Transformer. Its larger geometry and increased folded diaphragm area are designed to achieve a higher sound pressure levels and serve a wider frequency range, with a crossover point as low as 1800Hz.

Interested in checking out the range of EVE Audio studio monitors? Then stop by at our booth at Musikmesse. We look very much forward to welcoming you at booth 5.1B57.

Creative Audio Works


Creative Audio Works, Plymouth, MA
Stewart Adam, Owner

Stewart Adam began his work in the 1980s music industry, working in recording studios and traveling the country in a remote truck recording live concerts for B.B. King, Joan Armatrading, The Hank Jones Trio, Sha Na Na, and The King Biscuit Flower Hour including artists such as Roxy Music, Steve Forbert, Canned Heat, McGuinn, Clark and Hillman and Aerosmith. Stewart Adam has been in the thick of audio recording!

Later, a career working in film and video production for 30 years proved to be very informative. In fact, Adam's career has given him the opportunity to work on more that a thousand commercials and corporate videos (McDonalds, Ocean Spray, Bank of America, etc.) where his acumen for "getting it right" was refined.

More recently, documentary projects such as the Oscar-nominated "On Tip Toe" (a film about Ladysmith Black Mambazo featuring the African singers that famously backed Paul Simon on his landmark Graceland album) and "Road to Reconciliation" (revealing the struggles in Northern Ireland), and "The War" by producer Ken Burns establishes Adam as a go-to audio pro for projects wide-ranging and complex.

Since its formation in 2005, Creative Audio Works has been growing and diversifying its services. These include audio archiving and restoration, and has also recently expanded into audio mastering for music and mix-to-pix services. Adam says, "The current market and transfer technologies demand high quality mastering services across a range of project types and we are perfectly equipped and situated to handle these new services."

In 2012 Mix Magazine nominated Creative Audio Works' new studio for "The Class of 2012" in the category of Best New Studio of The Year. Designed by Lou Clarke of Sonic-Space, its workflow enables two workstations, one for restoration, mixing and mastering and the other for transferring and ingest of analog media. It was largely built by Adam himself.

The studio has a complement of reel-to-reel and cassette tape recorders, as well as turntables and a host of other rare transfer playback formats. Adam explains, "iZotope RX, WaveLab and Cubase are only some of the software tools we utilize. Each project requires the proper use of restoration elements and treatments to get the best results".

After extensive evaluation of different monitor systems, Adam declares, "We chose EVE Audio SC208s, and we're extremely happy with our choice! The EVE Audio SC208 provides reliable and accurate monitoring down to 36Hz and the responsive and smooth AMT ribbon tweeter provides many hours of non-fatiguing listening pleasure." Stewart Adam further says, "The Eve monitors are perfect for the Creative Audio Works studio as they work equally well for our restoration needs as they do for music mixing and mastering. Accurate translation is essential, and ease of listening is a pleasure. EVE Audio monitors cover it all, beautifully!"

Beginning in January 2014 Creative Audio Works will be providing audio mastering services to members of Chartburst. Chartburst is a new crowd-sourced talent discovery platform website that connects indie musicians with A&R representatives of major record companies. Projects delivered from Creative Audio Works, with our EVE Audio monitors, will help shape the future of Chartburst members. For more information, please visit www.creativeaudioworks.com.