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TRADE SHOWS Date Location Booth No.
Afial 26.04 - 28.04.2016 Madrid - Spain Groundfloor, booth 8
Kiev Media Fair 19.05 - 20.05.2016 Kiev - Ukraine
Koba 24.05 - 27.05.2016 Seoul - Korea
Palm India 26.05 - 28.05.2016 Mumbai - India Hall #1, booth I 47
AES 04.06 - 07.06.2016 Paris - France Stand 04
SME 10.09.2016 Stockholm - Sweden
Monitor Expo 02.11 - 03.11.2016 Copenhagen - Denmark
SC407 for DJ Fopp


DJ Fopp believes in SC407

DJ Fopp, aka FunkTrain, is an Italian DJ and Producer. His career started in the late '70s dj'ing in small discotheques, but it wouldn't take him long to make his way into the most famous and best clubs in Italy. Since 2009 he dj's internationally and has recently started to do some programs on a streaming radio station.

In his studio near Venice, Italy, he re-edits and re-works a lot of disco and house music. He has remixed artists such as Delegation, Inaya Day, Robin S, Alfred Azzetto, Jamie Lewis, Walterino, Michael Watford, Hanna Hais, Soul7 & Cheryl Porter, Gianluca Viani, and many more. Since 2006 DJ Fopp has been cooperating with house music artist DJ Alfred Azzetto. Together they produce and remix for national and international artists.

DJ Fopp now produces regularly for some of the best house music labels in the world, such as Purple Music, Look At You and Rule 5.

In August 2010 his single "Discofied EP" made it to number 5 in the house music download charts. DJ Meme, one of Brazil's most famous DJs, producers and remixers, included it in his compilation "Defected in the House Brazil 11" and also in the Purple Music compilation "My boyfriend is out of town 3." His 2011 single "Tribute" (Rule 5 Records) has been played by many famous DJs around the globe. Some of his singles and remixes, like Tribute, Supercent, Freak Your Body, Do it, Club Lonely, Black Gold, and In Love have consistently made it into the top 10 in the worldwide charts for house music.

In his studio, DJ Fopp relies on a pair of SC208 for all tasks. His satisfaction with his EVE Audio speakers is such, that two years after having bought them, he added a pair of SC407 monitors to his setup.

"For me, EVE Audio's SC407s are my favorite studio monitors I have ever used and I can definitely recommend them," says DJ Fopp enthusiastically. "The sound is so open and wide, and the four ways cover the entire frequency spectrum I need in the studio."

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Afial Show 2016


EVE Audio @ Afial show 2016

Soon after the announcement was made that of Zentralmedia has taken over the exclusive distribution-ship for EVE Audio products in Spain the range of EVE monitors will be presented at Afial show.
Afial is Spain's most important professional audio show and takes place from April 26th to 28th in Pabellón Multiusos Madrid Arena.

Sales Director Joan Bové comments: "EVE's worldwide and constantly growing reputation helped us to open the doors to many dealers here in Spain. To present the range of EVE at Afial is the next step to introduce those products to our market and we expect Afial show will make a great impact to the brand recognition here in Spain."

Please stop by and have a listen! Zentralmedia will be located at the Madrid Arena groundfloor, on booth #8.

For more information or a personal demo please visit or call +34 93 435 36 82. Joan Bové and his team look very much forward to assisting you.

SC3010 in Audio Media International


Audio Media reviews EVE Audio SC3010

Our smaller main monitor SC3010 has been thoroughly reviewed by Audio Media International. The review appeared in January 2016 issue, please find some passages below:

"I could hear deeply into anything I played, and discovered noises and musical parts in recordings I know well that I hadn't noticed before, [...]"

"[...] stereo imaging was among the best I've heard [...]"

"[...] the EVE could probably go head-to-head with monitors of double the cost and more."

"I suggest an early audition whenever the goal is resolution, accurate low frequency extension and listenability, and would find it hard to overstate the serious bang-per-buck this new monitor presents. Highly recommended."

The review in full length is available in Audio Media's January 2016 issue or here.
Many thanks to Audio Media International for allowing us to use this article.

EVE Audio studio monitors are available in many countries around the globe - please check back with your local distributor to find your nearest dealer to listen to EVE monitors.

Further information and details about EVE Audio's entire range of monitors are available in the individual product descriptions and in our user manuals.