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TRADE SHOWS Date Location Booth No.
NAMM Show Jan 19-22, 2017 Anaheim - USA Stand A 6865
LLB Mar 1-3, 2017 Fornebu - Norway
Audio Video Show Praha Mar 31 - Apr 1, 2017 Prague - Czech Republic
Superbooth Apr 20-22, 2017 Berlin - Germany
NAMM Show 2017


Visit us @ NAMM show 2017

NAMM 2017 is approaching and we look forward to exhibiting in Anaheim, CA, USA, from January 19th to 22nd!

EVE Audio products are the result of a long development process in the quest for the ideal listening solution. Our technologies go beyond traditional designs: SilverCone bass and midrange chassis with a fiberglass-coated membrane in a honeycomb-like structure, in-house refined Air Motion Transformer HF devices, discrete PWM amplifiers, DSP system management, broad rear-side bass-reflex port design, easily removable protection grill for the tweeter, and much more. When combined, EVE technologies deliver a range of monitors that express refinement and engage the listener with newfound resolution of source material.

We invite you to listen for yourself! Our North American distributor Momentum Audio Sales with president John Devins and his team, and from EVE Audio's HQ CEO and speaker designer Roland Stenz and Kerstin Mischke (sales, marketing) look forward to meeting you.

You'll find us in hall A at booth 6865.

Season's greetings


Season's greetings

End of year is approaching and we'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our worldwide business partners, clients, BeliEVErs, supporters, friends and families for such an eventful and successful year, your ongoing support and warm friendship.

Best wishes for the holiday season and happy New Year.

Your EVE Audio team in Berlin, Germany

SC204 in ISP Música


ISP Música reviews EVE Audio SC204

The Spanish Online platform ISP Música reviewed our smallest studio monitor SC204. We have some excerpts for you:

"Their sound is really round and well balanced."

"Our opinion about the SC204's is very positive considering their price and size. They offer a very good balance in the low, mid and high ranges and allow a fatigue-free monitoring experience."

"Being surprised by a new monitor is not easy, as they often don't represent any significant contribution to the product category. But EVE Audio shows here a distinctive personality which is perfectly suited for demanding professional working environments."

The review in full length is available on ISP Música's website or here.
Many thanks to ISP Música for reviewing our SC204.

Zentralmedia is EVE Audio exclusive distributor in Spain. For questions or interest in a demo please visit or call +34 93 435 36 82. Joan Bové and his team look very much forward to assisting you.

For worldwide distributions please click here.

Further information and details about EVE Audio's entire range of monitors are available in the individual product descriptions and in our user manuals.

SC203 for Super Changddai


Super Changddai believes in SC203

Super Changddai is one of the leading composers of Korean pop music today, who was fortunate enough to collaborate with legendary composers and singers such as Hyunddo Lee and Younghun Ju when he started out. As the chief composer for JYP (one of the three big Korean entertainment companies) he worked with lots of Korean icons such as 2 PM, 2 AM, Miss A, ApinK, and Teen Top. Nowadays, Super Changddai has his own company – Super Changddai Lab – where he produces his own artists.

As a composer who studied classical music, he did not want to be seen only as a producer of Korean pop dance music, so he got actively involved in other genres. Among his musical achievements are having written music for girl band "Ladies' Code" mixing Korean dance music with funk, the soundtrack for the "Mask Dalho" movie where Korean traditional Trot music meets rock, and some mid-tempo acoustic pop songs for renowned singer "Park Boram". Super Changddai's motto is "Make pop music people liked in the past, like now and will like in future".

Here are some examples of Super Changddai's oeuvre:
Ladies' Code - Pretty Pretty
Mask Dalho (movie) - 2 Lane Road
Park Boram - Dynamic Love
Kim Bum Soo - Real Meal
Apink - I don't know
Jang Woo Young - Rose (Japanese version)
BaeK A Yeon - Sad Song

Super Changddai has a pair of EVE Audio SC203 desktop loudspeakers in his studio and this is what he has to say about them:
"They are very comfortable to work with without hurting your ears. I use the SC203s as a second pair of speakers now and am very surprised with the deep and tight bass that comes out of such small speakers. I can even mix exclusively on the SC203s without a single issue".

Sound n Music is our exclusive distributor in Korea. For assistance or further information please contact Sound n Music at +82 2 2058 1226 or President JY Kim and his team look forward to being of service.

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