3" Master/Slave
2-way 4" Monitor
2-way 5" Monitor
2-way 7" Monitor
2-way 8" Monitor
3-way 5" Monitor
3-way 7" Monitor
4-way 7" Monitor
4-way 8" Monitor
10" Main Monitor
12" Main Monitor
7" Subwoofer
8" Subwoofer
10" Subwoofer
12" Subwoofer
Passive router
PMR 2.10
for SC203/204/205
Wall mounts
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TRADE SHOWS Date Location Booth No.
SME 12.09.2015 Stockholm - Sweden
Music China 14.10 - 17.10.2015 Shanghai - China Stand E4E52
Broadcast India 15.10 - 17.10.2015 Mumbai - India Stand D 425-2
SAE Alumni Show 22.10 - 23.10.2015 Berlin - Germany Studio 2
Inter BEE 18.11 - 20.11.2015 Tokyo - Japan Stand 1616
Music Production Expo 20.11 - 21.11.2015 London - UK Stand 44
SC307 for Gundy Keller


Gundy Keller takes his hat off to the SC307

Gundy Keller has grown up playing drums, and this gave him a deep feeling for rhythm which is still audible in his work as a professional guitarist. With roots in the musical fever of the 70's, Gundy's music and guitar playing are based on a strong Afro-American influence enriched by tasteful rock and pop additions. The result is a highly versatile guitar playing serving extensive composition skills.

When he is not hitting the roads through Europe and Asia, Gundy dedicates himself to songwriting and production. To do this, he founded his own studio facility A-Town recordings where he writes, plays, records and/or produces a wide range of music styles.
Gundy uses his studio suite also for sound-design projects ordered by pro-audio companies like Spectrasonics, Ueberschall, Roland Corp. Japan, promotional video productions for companies such as Kemper Profiling Amps or Two Notes Torpedo speaker simulations and to host his guitar masterclass program for players from all musical horizons

The Studio offers comprehensive high-quality backline, especially everything what guitarists and bass players can dream of, percussion instruments, drums, keyboards and more — Gundy the guitar player started behind the drums and went through various instruments to feed his musical curiosity.
The system in the control room is based on several linked Yamaha mixing desks, Logic Pro DAW, a selection of fine outboard gear and a pair of EVE Audio SC307 monitors. Gundy states:
"For well over half a year, I have been a user of Eve Audio SC307 active near-field monitors and have to say: Chapeau [ed. note: French for hats off]! They are not tiring to my ears, even after long recording sessions. I have grown very accustomed to my SC307's and they feel as comfortable to my ears as my best pair of shoes do for my feet!"

The SC307 is a 3-way reference monitor equipped with an EVE Audio AMT and two SilverCone 6.5" speakers driven by three PWM amplifiers. Like every EVE monitor, the SC307 is controlled by a DSP system ensuring accurate and reproducible settings. And like every other EVE monitor, the SC307 is all about faithful, precise and nuanced sound reproduction.
Gundy attests: "The SC307's deliver detailed, silky highs and tight bass. The speakers are ideal for the extended near field listening area in my studio. And if necessary, the volume on these speakers can be cranked up while still retaining headroom and definition, which is quite beneficial when composing, arranging and recording. I can't wait for the big SC408!"

EVE Audio's German distributor Synthax established a wide dealer network that offers the EVE constantly for audition. To find out where your nearest EVE-dealer in Germany is please give Synthax a call at +49 89 97880380 or visit www.synthax.de.

For worldwide distribution partners please check here.

[Photo: Uwe Statz]

Momentum Audio Sales


Momentum Audio Sales named exclusive US Distributor of EVE Audio products

EVE Audio, manufacturer of the most technically advanced studio monitors on the market, has named Momentum Audio Sales as their exclusive distributor for the US market.

Founded by audio industry veteran John Devins on his experience in leading sales efforts for Steinberg, Cerwin-Vega, Focusrite/Novation, AKG, and JBL, Momentum Audio Sales brings long-established dealer relationships as well as sales and marketing infrastructure to the line.

"With his experience on the pro audio market, complimentary product lines, and track record of successful sales, John and Momentum Audio Sales are the perfect fit for EVE to expand our offerings in the US market," said Kerstin Mischke, who oversees sales and marketing for EVE Audio.

EVE Audio was founded on the principal that loudspeakers should not only be built with the latest technology, but the right combination of specially designed and engineered components to produce the most accurate and pleasing sound reproduction possible. To achieve this goal, company Founder Roland Stenz questioned and studied each audio component and designed specific components from the ground up for each EVE model. In doing so, he has developed next-generation loudspeaker technologies such as glass fiber coated SilverCone woofers, Air Motion tweeters, high-resolution precision DSP, and the most efficient bass ports on the market.

"Rather than use common off-the-shelf components to save cost at the expense of quality, EVE Audio designs and builds each component to work together," said Devins. "The result is a stunningly accurate, efficient, and great sounding speaker design. This is German engineering at it's best!"

To become an EVE Audio dealer in the US, visit www.momentumaudiosales.com or contact John Devins at 1-888-470-0067 or by .

SC307 for WSL Studio


WSL Studio beliEVEs in SC307

Patrick Guiraud, aka Darkhyrys, is a French musician, arranger, songwriter, producer and sound engineer. He is also lead guitarist in the heavy-metal bands Diamond Eyed Princess, Hegemon and Brutal Rebirth.

Back in 2002, Patrick founded the Wolfsangel recording studio in the South of France. The studio was specialized in heavy metal productions, offering comprehensive services from tracking to mastering over arranging and mixing. After several years of successful business activity, the Wolfsangel studio closed its doors for a facility upgrade.

The new studio opened again in 2014 with new analog and digital equipments and was renamed WSL Studio. The new facility is attracting a wide range of new clients, ranging from metal bands to folk musicians over pop and rock projects. Given the evolution of audio technology, giving musicians the possibility to record at home, the need of tracking services is decreasing so that WSL Studio is now focusing on reamping, arranging, mixing and mastering.

For the new WSL Studio, Patrick Guiraud needed a more powerful monitoring system. After checking a lot of monitoring solutions, he went for a pair of SC307 3-way monitor speakers and explains his choice as follow:
"The control room at WSL Studio got a very accurate acoustic treatment but it is quite small. For this reason I needed an accurate, high-definition monitoring system. I went for a pair of EVE SC307 and a high-grade acoustic correction system.
The EVEs blew me away as soon as I powered them on, even before setting the acoustic correction system! With such a balance, clarity and definition, I was able to hear absolutely everything. But the most impressive thing was the low-frequency accuracy!!! For the first time, I could clearly hear and feel the different frequency bands in the low end. And after setting the acoustic correction system, the SC307s just proved to be sound precision giants!"

EVE Audio's French distributor SCV Hi-Tech established a wide dealer network that offers the EVE constantly for audition. To find your nearest EVE-dealer in France is please give SCV Hi-Tech a call at +33 (0)1 48 63 18 00 or visit www.scvhitech.fr.

For worldwide distributors, please click here.

SC407 for Goodluck


Goodluck from Cape Town, South Africa beliEVEs in SC407

Goodluck is the chart topping electronic band from Cape Town, South Africa with just 2 albums released they've already notched up 6 number 1 hits in their home country. The band tours extensively and their reputation as one of the hardest working bands is a fitting one with their shows around Africa and 3 months of every year spent in Europe.

Their second album "Creatures of the night" was recorded in the Namibian desert, using extraordinary recording techniques and includes recording and sampling of zebras and the ocean. An incredible use of the echo of the Fish River Canyon created the "most expensive delay in the world".

In their state of the art Cape Town studio producer Ben Peters relies on his SC407's: "I hadn't heard about these monitors when they were introduced to me first time. But the design made me curious and Mike from Rockit Distribution brought them to my studio for an audition. We plugged them in and the clarity and definition was astounding, I was able to hear things I'd never heard before!"

Ben continues to say: "Having the SC407's in our studio for the last year has been a revelation, not having to struggle through a mix to find the issues speeds up my work flow and I cant imagine life without them."

Rockit Distribution represents EVE Audio in South Africa. For a demo or an advice where to find your next EVE Audio dealer call Rockit Distribution at +27(0)21 511 1800 or visit www.rockitdistribution.com. Brand manager Earl Devereux-Quicke looks forward to guiding you.

For worldwide distributors, please click here.