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SC203 supplies
TRADE SHOWS Date Location Booth No.
LLB Mar 1-3, 2017 Fornebu - Norway
Dancefair Mar 4-5, 2017 Utrecht - Netherlands Booth 47
Audio Video Show Praha Mar 31 - Apr 1, 2017 Prague - Czech Republic
Superbooth Apr 20-22, 2017 Berlin - Germany
Koba May 16-19, 2017 Seoul - Korea
AES May 20-22, 2017 Berlin - Germany
SC307 for Dirtcaps


Dirtcaps beliEVEs in SC307

Cutting-edge productions, booming live sets, and boundary-pushing attitudes. Dirtcaps are without doubt House music’s cream of the crop. Since starting their quest for global domination in 2008, these guys have overloaded the scene with a signature sound to die for and conquered some of the biggest club brands in the game with their dashing live shows.

From thriving at the world's biggest festivals (e.g. Defqon.1 Tomorrowland, Mysteryland) to remixing industry hotshots such as Hardwell, Yellowclaw & W&W and collaborating with the industry's elite (e.g. DJ Carnage, Laidback Luke, Coone), Dirtcaps have proven their worth twenty times over. Renowned all across the globe through full-scale tours in the US and Australia and smashing gigs in South Korea, Malaysia, and more, Dirtcaps have taken the Trap House sound to the next level and are not afraid to show it.

Recently Dirtcaps invested in a completely new studio complex, and having used SC208 for a few years, decided to take this opportunity to move up to the 3-way SC307. Together with new & improved Auralex acoustics, Producer Max Oude Weernink is very happy with his choice – time for some new music!

Pro Media Connect represents EVE Audio in Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. For a demo or to find your nearest EVE Dealer please contact Pro Media Connect at +31 (0) 252-629 365 or visit Ben Littlewood and his team look forward to guiding you further.

For worldwide distributors please click here.

SC203 supplies


Transport soft case and 5 m master-slave extension cable for SC203

As requested by our customers, EVE Audio now presents a rugged transport soft case made with our SC203 speakers in mind. This carrying soft case is large enough to accommodate a pair of SC203 speakers – including the FlexiPads – and your power supply and connection cables.
Also, a large extra compartment will even allow you to carry your 13" laptop or tablet.
The soft case is sturdy, very comfortable and comes with a convenient shoulder strap for easy carrying. Available in black, with embroidered EVE Audio logo.

Further to that we now have also 5 m extension master-slave cables for SC203 available to use instead of the 2 m cables that are included into the scope of delivery.

EVE Audio studio monitors are available in many countries around the globe – please check with our local distributor to find your nearest dealer to listen to EVE monitors.

Further information and details about EVE Audio's entire range of monitors is available in the individual product descriptions and in our user manuals.

SC205 in Delamar


Delamar reviews EVE Audio SC205

German online trade publication Delamar reviewed our 2-way studio monitor SC205. We have some excerpts for you:

"A lot of fine technology in a confined space ensures a balanced, finely resolved and impressive spatial sound. With the front volume and filter controls the box is very conveniently to use, and with the exceptionally attractive appearance, it becomes an eye-catcher in audiophile work and living rooms."
"In terms of sound quality SC205 is doubtless one of the best studio monitors in that price bracket and size."
"Fantastic stereo sound, finely chiselled dynamics and tonal well balanced – the EVE Audio SC205 is a real top-notcher."
"The inherent noise is pleasantly low. [...] Perfect."
"Outstanding spatial sound reproduction."
"Sonically the EVE Audio SC205 is a real recommendation for mixing and mastering in high-level home recording or project studios [...] perfect for composition, video editing and listening to music, gaming or watching movies and much more."
"The comfortable handling and neat design make this compact speaker stand out from most of its competitors (in the studio environment)."

Well balanced
Excellent stereo image and precisely graduated tonal depths
High impulse fidelity
Extremely low noise
Front operated volume and filter control with bright LED ring
Practical filters
Elegant, and living room compatible design
No automatic standby mode

The review in full length and German language is available on Delamar's homepage or here.

Many thanks to delamar for reviewing our EVE Audio SC205 studio monitor.

At a wide dealer network in Germany are the EVE Audio studio monitors constantly available for audition. To find your nearest EVE dealer please check here or call +49-30-6704 4180.
For worldwide distributions please click here.

Further information and details about EVE Audio's entire range of monitors is available in the individual product descriptions and in our user manuals.

NAMM Show 2017


Visit us @ NAMM show 2017

NAMM 2017 is approaching and we look forward to exhibiting in Anaheim, CA, USA, from January 19th to 22nd!

EVE Audio products are the result of a long development process in the quest for the ideal listening solution. Our technologies go beyond traditional designs: SilverCone bass and midrange chassis with a fiberglass-coated membrane in a honeycomb-like structure, in-house refined Air Motion Transformer HF devices, discrete PWM amplifiers, DSP system management, broad rear-side bass-reflex port design, easily removable protection grill for the tweeter, and much more. When combined, EVE technologies deliver a range of monitors that express refinement and engage the listener with newfound resolution of source material.

We invite you to listen for yourself! Our North American distributor Momentum Audio Sales with president John Devins and his team, and from EVE Audio's HQ CEO and speaker designer Roland Stenz and Kerstin Mischke (sales, marketing) look forward to meeting you.

You'll find us in hall A at booth 6865.

Season's greetings


Season's greetings

End of year is approaching and we'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our worldwide business partners, clients, BeliEVErs, supporters, friends and families for such an eventful and successful year, your ongoing support and warm friendship.

Best wishes for the holiday season and happy New Year.

Your EVE Audio team in Berlin, Germany

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