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TRADE SHOWS Date Location Booth No.
Dancefair 13.02 - 14.02.2016 Utrecht - Netherlands Booth 29
Superbooth16 31.03 - 02.04.2016 Berlin - Germany Booth BL370
Prolight + Sound 05.04 - 08.04.2016 Frankfurt - Germany Hall 4.1, stand C21
SC307+TS112 for La Baia dei Porci


Studio La Baia dei Porci beliEVEs in SC307 & TS112

Studio La Baia dei Porci is a recording facility located in Nereto (TE) Italy. Studio owner Stefano Lelii is a highly regarded Sound Engineer and bass player world since 15 years who tours the world with national bands. And, he also works as a lecturer at Milan based audio school.

In the last decade he completed more than 60 productions and worked with well known producers and artists such as Marco Borsatti, Paolo Costa, Lele Melotti, Luca Colombo, Marco Vannucci, Dado (Zelig), Grande Mago (Zelig), Alessio Caraturo, Daniele Groff, Lighea, Max De Angelis, Gianni Ulivieri, Attilio Fontana, Joe Circhirillo, Maurizio Cinesi, Diego Calvetti, Mimmo Cavallo, Marco Fringuellino, Marco Marsili, Filippo Gabrielli, Sae Institute Milano, RS Project, Bmg Ricordi Firenze, Lizard Fiesole, Sant Luis College Roma, Dodici Lune Records Bari, Jungle Sound Station Milano, Effegi-Sound Ascoli Piceno, Le Scimmie Milano, Platinum Studio Siena, Anteros Produzioni Ascoli Piceno, Studio Infinito Terni and others.

Stefano was in the market for studio monitors for Studio La Baia dei Porci's main recording room A when EVE Audio SC307 where introduced to him.
He remembers: "EVE was new to me but I was very curious to check them out." After some listening sessions the decision was made and Stefano comments his choice:
"I chose the EVE Audio monitors for their flexibility and clear sound. With those monitors you get great value for your money. They are perfect even in difficult environments. Thumbs up, I really can recommend EVE!!"

Sound Wave Distribution represents EVE Audio in Italy. For a demo or local assistance please call Sound Wave Distribution at +39-0422 887465 or visit Franco Turesso and his team look forward to assisting you.

For worldwide distributors please click here.

SC305 for Fullframe Studio


Fullframe Studio beliEVEs in SC305

Fullframe Studio is a new studio facility that belongs to Slovakian sound engineer Boris Veres who is dedicated to sound design, audio post-production for TV and film and occasional music production.

Since moving to a new studio space in summer 2015 Boris was thinking to invest into a new pair of studio monitors. His room is rather small and mainly a sound design/audio post facility.

EVE Audio's distributor G-Tec Professional was kind enough to deliver a pair of SC305 and let Boris Veres test them out for a couple of days.

The soundstage and frequency response those speakers did cover came by big surprise to Boris: "I never heard such detail and refinement in familiar pieces of music" he recalls.

All his previous mixes and work were needed to double check on a spectrum analyser and a selection of level meters. "Within a few days of working on SC305s I realized I didn't need to look at the metering screen often because I could really hear what's happening. It really allowed me to work more efficiently and to trust my judgment. That, in my opinion, says a lot about quality of these speakers. Amazing tools! Thanks EVE Audio & thanks G-Tec Professional!"

G-Tec Professional represents EVE Audio in Czech Republic and Slovakia. For a demo or local assistance please call G-Tec Professional at +421 (0)2 52632517 or visit Boris Seitler and his team look forward to assisting you.

For worldwide distributors please click here.

SC203 in Studio Magazin


German Studio Magazin reviews EVE Audio SC203

The German Studio Magazin recently tested our new desktop loudspeaker SC203 and published the review in its December 2015 issue. Please read below a few passages of that review:

"They sound significantly larger than they look – very consistent and well-balanced with a surprisingly good reproduction of transients and spatial imaging. The lows are "present" and allow for a musical appraisal, too."

"Interestingly enough, the SC203 are amazingly neutral and add no coloration. At a realistic listening distance, [...] the SC203 provide a full sound with truly professional qualities for the usage stated earlier."

"You get a professional desktop monitor with excellent performance and imaging precision to satisfy professional demands. Clear mids, open highs, and adequate lows – despite their miniature dimensions – plus a feature set that's hard to find even on much bigger studio monitors. It's obvious that the designer knew perfectly well the requirements of a desktop environment and monitoring system, and thus was able to perfectly implement the demands on professional monitoring in an extremely compact design. A small alternative system for large studio monitors, as an editing or pre-mixing tool, as a compact live set in an OB vehicle, or for mobile recording with a small setup. Well done!"

The review in full length is available in Studio Magazin's December 2015 issue or here.
Many thanks to Studio Magazin for allowing us to use this article.

EVE Audio's German distributor Synthax established a wide dealer network for EVE Audio studio monitors. To find your nearest EVE-dealer in Germany is please contact Synthax at +49 89 97880380 or visit
For worldwide distribution partners please check here.

Further information and details about EVE Audio's entire range of monitors are available in the individual product descriptions and the product manuals.

NAMM Show 2016


Visit us @ NAMM show 2016

NAMM 2016 is approaching and we look forward to exhibiting in Anaheim, CA, USA, from January 21st to 24th!

EVE Audio products are the result of a long development process in the quest for the ideal listening solution. Our technologies go beyond traditional designs: SilverCone bass and midrange chassis with a fiberglass-coated membrane in a honeycomb-like structure, in-house refined Air Motion Transformer HF devices, discrete PWM amplifiers, DSP system management, broad rear-side bass-reflex port design, easily removable protection grill for the tweeter, and much more. When combined, EVE technologies deliver a range of monitors that express refinement and engage the listener with newfound resolution of source material.

We invite you to listen for yourself! Our US distributor Momentum Audio Sales with John Devins (President), Bruce Bartone (EVE Brand Manager), EVE Audio's CEO and speaker designer Roland Stenz and Kerstin Mischke (sales, marketing) from EVE Audio's Berlin HQ look forward to meeting you. You'll find us in hall A at booth 6867.