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2-way 5" Monitor
2-way 7" Monitor
2-way 8" Monitor
3-way 5" Monitor
3-way 7" Monitor
4-way 7" Monitor
4-way 8" Monitor
10" Main Monitor
12" Main Monitor
7" Subwoofer
8" Subwoofer
10" Subwoofer
12" Subwoofer
for SC204/205
Wall mounts
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TRADE SHOWS Date Location Booth No.
Musikmesse 15.04 - 18.04.2015 Frankfurt - Germany Stand 5.1 B57
Dancefair 21.02 - 22.02.2015 Utrecht - Netherlands
NAMM Show 22.01 - 25.01.2015 Anaheim - USA Room 208B
SC407+TS112 for Dallas Studios


Dallas Studios in Reykjavik, Iceland beliEVEs in SC407

Dallas Studios in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland was established in 2012 and is one of the most vibrant studios in Greater Reykjavik. Whether you are tracking, mixing or mastering, Dallas Studios is equipped with top of the line outboard, backline and now monitoring.
Since February 2014, the studio has been equipped with a pair of SC407. To extend low-end frequencies of the SC407's they are supported by one subwoofer, TS112.

Studio owner Johann Runar Thorgeirsson prefers the audio quality of the SC407: "They are amazing. The high frequency presence is very smooth without being dull. Also the TS112 Subwoofer with the remote control is a dream to work with. I'm really happy with our new set up and with the EVE's."

In house engineer Mr. Teitur Ingi Sigurdsson adds: "These SC407 speakers offer, in my opinion, the best separation I have heard in a studio monitor. The TS112 subwoofer with the remote and satellite function is brilliant to work with offering SC407's only, full range or not, with a push of a button."
For more information on Dallas Studios please visit www.facebook.com/dallasstudio.

Exton ehf represents EVE Audio in Iceland. Please do not hesitate and call Exton ehf. at +354 575 4600 or visit www.exton.is for an EVE demo. Brand manager Haffi Olafsson looks forward to guiding you.

For worldwide distributors please click here.

EVE & AMB Electronics


AMB Electronics LLC

We are pleased to welcome AMB Electronics LLC in the family of our worldwide distributors as our new business partner in the Gulf region.

Following 10 years of market presence, AMB Electronics is recognized and categorized as a provider of medium and high-end solutions to residential clients as well as government and commercial sectors. Their commitment to elite clients is based on providing high quality products which match customer requirements and can be depended on for creating a secure and reliable system. In order to keep up with the audio evolution and stay in the lead of the Middle Eastern market, AMB Electronics chose to add EVE Audio to it's fleet of Professional Audio products.

We are very pleased to appoint a partner with such strong skills for the Gulf region and look forward to bringing the range of EVE Audio studio monitors to U.A.E., Qatar and Kuwait.

For local assistance please visit www.ambelectronicsllc.com or call AMB Electronics at +9714 2395656. Mr Bolooki and his team look forward to assisting you.

EVE & Futureware


EVE Audio goes to Sweden and Denmark

We are very pleased to welcome Futureware ApS as our new distribution partner, responsible for Sweden and Denmark.

Company's owner Shahid Munir who has a background as a studio technician and producer as well as a sales career from music retail business comments:
"These innovative products and the constant growth of this rather young brand EVE Audio attract us very much. Those monitors fit our customers' needs nicely and we are excited to expand our product portfolio."

For more information please visit http://futureware.dk or call +45 3124 7700. Shahid Munir and his team look very much forward to assist you.

SC207 for Sear Sound Studio


Sear Sound Studio in NYC, US beliEVEs in SC207

Chris Allen is originally from the small city of Oneida, located in the center of New York State. Music being an important part of his family history, his relationship with the art form began at the age of nine when he started lessons on the trombone. Taking quickly to the instrument, his passion for music was instantly solidified. As a teenager, a family friend introduced Chris to Ron Keck, now the owner of Subcat Studios in Syracuse, NY. Ron offered him a job as a part-time studio assistant. Working for Ron, Chris was immediately fascinated with the craft of recording. With high-school coming to an end, his original goal of becoming a classical trombonist shifted, as he was inspired to pursue audio engineering as his major study, with trombone performance as a secondary study. He enrolled in the Sound Recording Technology program at The State University of New York at Fredonia. Under the tutelage of Dave Fridmann, Bernd Gottinger, John Caruso, and Arman Petri, Chris's quest for knowledge of the science of sound was cultivated and instilled.

After completing his degree in the fall of 2003, Chris moved to New York City eager to work. A few months (and a few studios) later, Chris jumped at the opportunity to join the staff at Walter Sear's legendary studio, Sear Sound. Chris was fortunate enough to work under Walter for six years before his untimely passing. Believing that a student is only as good as his teachers, Walter felt obligated to take on the role of mentor, and share his vast knowledge of all things audio with his staff. A few years into Walter's mentorship, Chris was promoted to the coveted chief engineer position at Sear Sound. In this position he has had the rare opportunity to work with the best musicians in the industry.

Sear Sound continues to be one of the oldest and most respected recording studios in New York City. Musicians travel from all over the globe to experience making music in on of these famous rooms. The huge collection of vintage and modern outboard gear, 280+ microphones, tape machines, and the famous Sony/Avalon custom console, are only tools to support the reason Walter Sear built a studio to begin with — to provide a space where musicians can feel comfortable and inspired to make music.

Chris is proud to bring EVE Audio's SC207 monitors to the studio, where he works to continue the legacy of Walter Sear's premiere recording facility.

Chris' review of the SC207's:
"Looking at the small size of the monitor, I wasn't expecting the amount clarity and fullness in the low end that comes out of a pair of monitors of this size. The low mids and below are untouchable by any other 6.5" driver I have heard. The tweeters are extremely smooth, and I haven't been feeling fatigued at all, even after a full week of 12 hour days.
For me, their strongest quality would be that the balance doesn't change dramatically at different volume levels. I have been able to work at a lower volume without feeling like I'm missing out on low end.
I work mostly in jazz, where the details of every instrument are absolutely critical. The SC207's have greatly exceeded my expectations in reproducing this level of detail. In the first week, I have already had a few clients comment on them, which never happens with the monitors I have been using for at least 12 years."

To read more about Chris Allen or Sear Sound NYC and Walter Sear, please visit www.therealchrisallen.com or www.searsound.com.

TruNorth Music and Sound represents EVE Audio in North America. For a demo or an advice where to find your next EVE Audio dealer call TruNorth Music and Sound at +1 855.878.6668 or visit www.trunorthmusicandsound.com.

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