2-way 4" Monitor
2-way 5" Monitor
2-way 7" Monitor
2-way 8" Monitor
3-way 5" Monitor
3-way 7" Monitor
4-way 7" Monitor
4-way 8" Monitor
10" Main Monitor
12" Main Monitor
7" Subwoofer
8" Subwoofer
10" Subwoofer
12" Subwoofer
for SC204/205
Wall mounts
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TRADE SHOWS Date Location Booth No.
Musikmesse 15.04 - 18.04.2015 Frankfurt - Germany Stand 5.1 B57
Dancefair 21.02 - 22.02.2015 Utrecht - Netherlands
NAMM Show 22.01 - 25.01.2015 Anaheim - USA Room 208B
SC407 for Route 94


Route 94 believes in SC407

Pro Audio Dealer Red Dog Music in Clapham Common, London, UK has been busy supplying some of the hottest dance producers in London with EVE's over the summer. Producer Route94 has invested in EVE's 4 Way systems, the SC407's.

Clocking up a staggering 38+ million hits on YouTube and reaching number one in the UK Singles and UK Dance Charts, Route94's catchy vocal dance anthem "My Love" Featuring Jess Glynne has brought about some incredible attention to this talented debut London Producer from Richmond. Rowan has used this opportunity to invest in a monitor upgrade.

Red Dog Music's Pro Audio and Dance Production Specialist Sergio Batista (Gio Star) was on hand to help Rowan get sorted.

The choice was simple, I needed monitors that could tell me everything all the way down. "The EVE's are clinical on layer separation, which is especially good for dance music production. The 407's pick out EQ's and Reverbs no problem, which is great for imaging the sounds", Rowan Jones, Route94.

NOVA Distribution represents EVE Audio in UK. For a demo or an advice where to find your next EVE Audio dealer call NOVA at +44 (0)20 3589 2530 or visit www.nova-distribution.co.uk.
For worldwide distributors please click here.

SC407 for Red Loft Records


Red Loft Studio beliEVEs in SC407

Floriano Santoro has earned multiple degrees and works as a musician, producer, songwriter, sound designer, music teacher, and guitarist for well-known labels. With 20+ years of experience as a musician, coach and mentor for musicians and students, as well as a recording, mixing and mastering engineer, he can boast about 300+ projects credited under his name.
His recording studio and Red Loft Music label, hosted in new premises since 2011, encourage creative and inspiring work. The top-class recording studio and spacious loft spread over a surface of 4090 sq. ft. provide a warm and comfortable environment.

SC407 – A true love story

While speaking about new studio monitors to a colleague who runs a music shop, the latter insisted that Floriano listen to the EVE SC407 before making a decision.

Floriano recalls: "Usually I know exactly what I want and need, so initially I was a bit skeptical, because I was sure that the the pair of monitors I had already chosen were the right decision.
But then I saw them – the EVEs. It was love at first sight. Their elegant and high-quality design made me speechless. But I had no way to know at that moment that the innards were even more convincing. I do know something now, though: I cannot work without them anymore!

I have worked in many recording studios with all kinds of monitors, but the listening was never as much fun as with EVEs. From the very first moment, the monitors were the perfect fit for my recording studio. No matter what's on the daily schedule, I can work for hours without any ear fatigue.
The sound reproduction is precise and frequencies are extraordinarily outlined all the way down to the lows. The level of detail is absolutely astonishing. The excellent stereo imaging and the low end are REAL. The SC407 give me an insight at all levels that I had never had before, which allows me to work intuitively.
It's all there, regardless of whether I mix loudly or softly. The flashing LED to indicate an overload is of great help... not that I need it, of course... ; 0)).
I'm not exaggerating when I say EVE provides something special... I can finally see with my ears. Everything I have produced with my SC407s so far I could hand out to the clients directly, without the need to double-check on other systems.
This saves me valuable time. EVE has become a very reliable partner for mixing and mastering who I know I can trust 1000%. That's what I call true love ;0))))!

Whoever records at Red Loft, gladly comes back...
For longer stays, you don't need to look for a hotel, you'll find everything you need for a comfortable and – if you so desire – independent stay at Red Loft.
But the Red Loft is much more than that. Up to four times a year we hold a Jam & Cocktails event where up to 80 people of all ages can have a chilled-out experience in the recording studio, as they would in a exclusive club, while musicians and DJs set the mood. Finally, specialized clinics and workshops are also held at Red Loft regularly."

For more information please visit www.redloftrecords.com and www.florianosantoro.com.

Decibel SA represents EVE Audio in Switzerland. For a demo or an advice where to find your next EVE Audio dealer please call Decibel SA at +41 21 925 30 00 or visit www.decibel.ch.
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SC407+TS112 for Dallas Studios


Dallas Studios in Reykjavik, Iceland beliEVEs in SC407

Dallas Studios in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland was established in 2012 and is one of the most vibrant studios in Greater Reykjavik. Whether you are tracking, mixing or mastering, Dallas Studios is equipped with top of the line outboard, backline and now monitoring.
Since February 2014, the studio has been equipped with a pair of SC407. To extend low-end frequencies of the SC407's they are supported by one subwoofer, TS112.

Studio owner Johann Runar Thorgeirsson prefers the audio quality of the SC407: "They are amazing. The high frequency presence is very smooth without being dull. Also the TS112 Subwoofer with the remote control is a dream to work with. I'm really happy with our new set up and with the EVE's."

In house engineer Mr. Teitur Ingi Sigurdsson adds: "These SC407 speakers offer, in my opinion, the best separation I have heard in a studio monitor. The TS112 subwoofer with the remote and satellite function is brilliant to work with offering SC407's only, full range or not, with a push of a button."
For more information on Dallas Studios please visit www.facebook.com/dallasstudio.

Exton ehf represents EVE Audio in Iceland. Please do not hesitate and call Exton ehf. at +354 575 4600 or visit www.exton.is for an EVE demo. Brand manager Haffi Olafsson looks forward to guiding you.

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EVE & AMB Electronics


AMB Electronics LLC

We are pleased to welcome AMB Electronics LLC in the family of our worldwide distributors as our new business partner in the Gulf region.

Following 10 years of market presence, AMB Electronics is recognized and categorized as a provider of medium and high-end solutions to residential clients as well as government and commercial sectors. Their commitment to elite clients is based on providing high quality products which match customer requirements and can be depended on for creating a secure and reliable system. In order to keep up with the audio evolution and stay in the lead of the Middle Eastern market, AMB Electronics chose to add EVE Audio to it's fleet of Professional Audio products.

We are very pleased to appoint a partner with such strong skills for the Gulf region and look forward to bringing the range of EVE Audio studio monitors to U.A.E., Qatar and Kuwait.

For local assistance please visit www.ambelectronicsllc.com or call AMB Electronics at +9714 2395656. Mr Bolooki and his team look forward to assisting you.