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2-way 5" Monitor
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2-way 8" Monitor
3-way 5" Monitor
3-way 7" Monitor
4-way 7" Monitor
4-way 8" Monitor
10" Main Monitor
12" Main Monitor
7" Subwoofer
8" Subwoofer
10" Subwoofer
12" Subwoofer
for SC204/205
Wall mounts
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TRADE SHOWS Date Location Booth No.
Musikmesse 15.04 - 18.04.2015 Frankfurt - Germany Stand 5.1 B57
NAMM Show 22.01 - 25.01.2015 Anaheim - USA Room 208B
Tonmeistertagung 20.11 - 23.11.2014 Cologne - Germany Showroom K & stand B-07
Inter BEE 19.11 - 21.11.2014 Tokyo - Japan Hall 1, stand 1411
Music Production Expo 14.11 - 15.11.2014 London - UK Stand 56
SC408 in Audio Media


Audio Media checks out EVE Audio's SC408

EVE Audios largest monitor SC408 has been thoroughly reviewed by Audio Media in its October 2014 issue.
Please read some passages of that review below:

"As usual, I started by listening to some familiar material before working with them, and favourites such as tracks from Grace Jones' Hurricane album (mixed by Cameron Craig and mastered by Bob Ludwig) sounded every bit as big and bold as they should."

"They're definitely a high-quality piece of kit, mostly suitable for large rooms and at their best when positioned some way back from the listening position."

"In a larger space there's a lot to like about this loudspeaker, the way it combines clever design and reasonable cost with a big, neutral-but-involving sound making it a winner."

The review in full length is available in Audio Media October 2014 issue or here.

Many thanks to Audio Media for allowing us to use this article.

SC408 and all other EVE Audio 2way, 3way and 4way monitors are available in several countries around the globe – please check back with your local distributor to find your nearest dealer to listen to EVE monitors.

Further information and details about EVE Audios entire range of monitors are available in the individual product descriptions or in our user manuals.

Tonmeistertagung 2014


EVE Audio @ Tonmeistertagung in Cologne, Germany

Traditionally, the Tonmeistertagung is a top-class expert meeting for audio professionals, producers, artists, vendors, suppliers, developers, and producers. Areas covered at the convention were broadcasting, film, video, and recording production as well as interactive media, distribution, stage and events, production of hardware and software, research and development, and education and training.

The 28th Tonmeistertagung will again take place in Cologne, Germany in November 20 – 23, 2014.

We will showcase our range of EVE Audio studio monitors and subwoofers. Together with our German distributor Synthax you will find us in conference room K and at booth B-07.

Please click hier to register – we look forward to seeing you at the show!

Synthax is our exclusive distributor in Germany. A wide dealer network carries the range of EVE Audio studio monitors. To find your nearest dealer please visit www.synthax.de or call +49 89 97880380. Synthax's Team looks forward to assisting you.

Inter BEE 2014


EVE Audio @ InterBEE 2014 in Tokyo, Japan

Inter BEE 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of International Broadcast Equipment Exhibition, which has been held each year since the inaugural event in 1965!
The show takes place in Makuhari Messe center in Chiba, Japan from November 19th to 21st.

Our Japanese distributor Media Integration looks very much forward to showcasing the complete range of EVE Audio studio monitors including our range of TS subwoofers and the flagship monitor SC408.
You'll find Media Integration in hall 1 at booth #1411. Sales manager Kerstin Mischke from EVE Audio's Berlin HQ will make her appearance on the first show day as well. Please stop by and have a listen!

Media Integration represents EVE Audio in Japan. To get any assistance or information locally please call Media Integration at +81 3 3477 1493 or visit Media Integration. Brand manager Satoshi Yamaguchi and his team will be delighted to help you further.

SC207 for Thundabird Studios


Thundabird Studios in Cape Town, South Africa beliEVEs in SC207

Thundabird Studios in Cape Town, South Africa was established in March 2014. The studio was built mainly as a postproduction facility for the advertising industry but can accommodate band recordings too. Neil Benjamin is the head engineer and producer that's widely influenced by Theo Crous and Brendyn Rusti Russouw.

Amongst some other high quality hardware the studio is equipped with Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56, Focusrite Octopre MK 2 Dynamic and Focusrite ISA TWO for our A Class Mic Pre's. Well, and since March 2014 Thundabird studio works on EVE SC207 monitors.

When Neil was asked what he thinks about the SC207 he pointed out: "The SC 207's kick ass. I love the custom settings one is able to adjust depending on your room and where the speakers are placed for optimum results. Very clear, unbiased reference speakers."

The current album of Chris Werge is the first project done with the EVE's in Thundabird studio. Chris is a young indie-folk singer-songwriter from Cape Town. Inspired by the likes of John Mayer, Mumford & Sons and Death Cab for Cutie, his music tells a unique story that will leave one feeling inspired and encouraged.

Neil Benjamin comments on the SC207: "So far it's been brilliant. The EVE's portray a lot high end information and this has helped us considerably with mic choice, especially when mic'ing up overheads and hats. They are rock solid speakers capable of carrying quite a load when required to. They're also very clever speakers, in the sense that that have safety's built in to tell you that they're working a bit too hard to avoid one from damaging the units."

Thundabird studio is known for putting people at ease. Neil's experience is that when the tones are perfect, the sends just right and the mixes great, people tend to fall into the music. Apart from that, getting into the music with the musicians also helps and this usually happens in pre-production. It just helps the musician feel that you're more than just a dude tracking them.

When Neil was asked what his favourite part of recording process is and why he answered: "Any part that requires us to get a good tone, so I guess getting the source right. Getting the microphones set up right, using the right microphones for the job and generally just getting a killer tone. That always blows my mind. I also really enjoy the pre-mix process where the music starts coming together into a song."

Thundabird Studio expects to wrap first album at the end of August 2014 (Chris Werge) and want to then get cracking with post work for the Ad and Film market. And, of course if anyone is keen to come track then the nice folks at Thundabird studio are happy to assist.

Rockit Distribution represents EVE Audio in South Africa. For a demo or an advice where to find your next EVE Audio dealer call Rockit Distribution at +27(0)21 511 1800 or visit www.rockitdistribution.com. Brand manager Earl Devereux-Quicke looks forward to guiding you.

For worldwide distributors please click hier.