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TRADE SHOWS Date Location Booth No.
Koba 24.05 - 27.05.2016 Seoul - Korea Room #402
Palm India 26.05 - 28.05.2016 Mumbai - India Hall #1, booth I 47
Bax Open Dagen 28.05 - 29.05.2016 Goes - Netherlands
AES 04.06 - 07.06.2016 Paris - France Stand 04 & demo room 330
Taipei Music Fair 08.07 - 11.07.2016 Taipei - Taiwan Hall 1
SME 10.09.2016 Stockholm - Sweden
Monitor Expo 02.11 - 03.11.2016 Copenhagen - Denmark
SC305+TS108 for Hyoung Woo Roh


Hyoung Woo Roh beliEVEs in a 2.2 system with SC305 + TS108

Hyoung Woo Roh is a Korean composer who started his career back in 2000. His main focus is on composing soundtracks for Korean movies, TV series and even video games. As music director for various genres of film and TV series he represents Leading Tone, one of the most renown group of music directors in Korea.

Roh had been testing different studio monitors for some time to try to find the ones that met his needs best: They had to be powerful in every frequency range with a very natural and transparent sound reproduction. His quest came to an end when he found the perfect setup in the form of a pair of SC305s coupled with two TS108s. At first he wasn't too sure about the use of a subwoofer, but once he tried the SC305s with the subwoofers there was no turning back – the 2.2 EVE Audio system was the way to go.

"To me the 2.2 system with the SC305s and TS108s is the most perfect monitoring system and definitely my favorite," asserts Roh, before adding: "They are the perfect choice, also when space is limited and/or the room is not perfectly acoustically treated."

The 2.2 system is very helpful especially when composing orchestral music: "The system offers a wider stereo image that helps me position the instruments properly and easily. Their flatness never fatigues my ears, and their moderately powerful punch helps me check sounds accurately and within a very reasonable time."

With regard to the subwoofers added to the system he comments: "I started with one TS108 only. However, while working on several and especially widely scaled music (such as musical programs for film and TV dramas) I understood the advantages of a 2.2 system. For example, there is a big difference between stereo-monitoring and mono-monitoring of sources under 120Hz frequency. For stereo monitoring on 8" woofers or smaller, I often used to rely on my personal sense. But with two subs in the 2.2 system I can effectively and properly monitor low frequencies (40~120Hz) for the most correct results."

Recently Roh worked on the entire music for the Korean TV series "Marriage Contract," broadcast by MBC, one of the three biggest broadcast networks in Korea. "This 2.2 system always makes me feel safe when monitoring my music for the series. I know I can count on my EVEs and trust them fully. Big thanks to EVE Audio – and, I promise I'll keep on working on music!"

For Hyoung Woo Roh's discography (in Korean), please click here.

Sound n Music is our exclusive distributor in Korea. For assistance or further information please contact Sound n Music Co. at +82 2 2058 1226 or
Brand manager Ilju Lee and his team look forward to being of service.

SC203 in Pro Sound


Pro Sound Magazine reviews EVE Audio SC203

The Benelux Magazine Pro Sound (in Dutch & French languages) recently tested our desktop loudspeaker SC203 and published the review in its April 2016 issue. Please read below a few passages of that review:

"An adequate audio reproduction from such a little speaker seems to be impossible. But EVE Audio managed exactly this to happen."
Pros: Compact size • Great sound • Analog and digital inputs
Cons: None

The review in full length is available in Pro Sound Magazine's April 2016 issue or here.
Many thanks to Pro Sound Magazine for allowing us to use this article.

Pro Media Connect is EVE Audio's exclusive distributor in Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. As such Pro Media Connect established a wide dealer network for EVE Audio studio monitors. To find your nearest EVE-dealer please contact Pro Media Connect at +31 (0) 252-629 365 or visit
Brand manager Ben Littlewood and his team look forward to assisting you.

For worldwide distribution partners please click here.

Further information and details about EVE Audios entire range of monitors are available in the individual product descriptions and in our user manuals.

5th Anniversary


EVE Audio turns five!

High-end German studio monitor manufacturer celebrates their 5th anniversary

Veteran music industry R&D engineer Roland Stenz founded EVE Audio in 2011, relying on more than 25 years of experience in pro audio and loudspeaker design to create EVE's critically-acclaimed and award-winning line of professional studio monitors.

"When we opened the doors of EVE Audio in 2011, my goal was to re-think and re-engineer each audio component of the professional loudspeaker," said Stenz. "We are very proud to say that the result is the most efficient and accurate monitor used by many audio professionals around the world."

Over the past five years, we at EVE Audio have built an ever-growing worldwide customer base thanks to a strong distribution network with business partners in more then 60 countries. Users from many different audio markets, ranging from home audio enthusiasts to professional recording and post-production studios as well as broadcast stations rely on EVE Audio products.
With the recent introduction of tour new SC203 desktop loudspeaker, we offer high-end professional solutions from small-footprint desktop use to large studio main monitoring and for any scenario in between.

We would like to take this opportunity and thank all our worldwide distributors, business partners and BeliEVErs for ongoing interest, continued support and warm friendship.

SC208 for Bob Spencer


Bob Spencer beliEVEs in SC208

Bob Spencer has been a part of the Australian music scene for more years than he cares to remember. Beginning with his first band in 1969 at the age of 12, inspired by Australian bands such as The Master's Apprentices, Company Caine, Kharvas Jute, The Band Of Light and by English bands such as Free, Led Zeppelin and The Who. Bob joined Sydney rock outfit Finch in 1972, and quickly established himself as a talented guitarist in a much-admired band.

1977 saw Bob joining The Skyhooks who provided a massive learning experience for young Bob, who although having already earned a reputation as a guitar-slinger, benefitted greatly from the wealth of knowledge afforded by the Skyhooks camp. Several albums later, in 1980, Skyhooks folded, whereupon Bob flirted with session playing and doing the occasional tour with friends. Bob began work as a recording engineer and producer in 1983 and his involvement with audio engineering and production remains today.

The Angels found themselves in need of a guitarist in 1986 and Bob stepped in to what he thought might be an interim involvement, but which turned into an association of more than six years. His time with The Angels produced three studio albums, including the band's biggest selling, first and only Number 1 album (Beyond Salvation) a string of singles, a double live album, many tours and time spent living and recording in America. Along with Rick Brewster, Bob became one of the band's two major songwriters.

All Bob's albums with The Skyhooks and The Angels have been certified either Platinum or Gold, and in 1998 Bob, along with his band The Angels, was inducted into the ARIA (Australian Record Industry Association) Hall Of Fame.

In 2001, Bob established the Weekend Warriors (a program designed to help baby-boomers get back into playing music for fun) in Victoria, Australia and was the world's longest serving Weekend Warriors coach until ill health forced him to stop in late 2012. In 2009, Bob established Greater Groove Music, through which he coaches aspiring young Musicians over a 6 week course, culminating in a final gig for the participants, their friends & families. He also enjoys being a guitar and music tutor, a rock band coach for schools and amateur & professional bands, giving Masterclasses & Clinics, running a mastering & recording studio and recording & producing other artists.

In 2008 Bob put together a band to play the English music that influenced him as a boy. This band, Raw Brit, has gained a dedicated following around Melbourne, Australia and plays when the various band members are available. The gigs are rare, but highly enjoyable!

For his album "Saints and Murderers" which is a Crowd Funding campaign for an album of 11 songs Bob uses for song writing & final recordings in his home studio SC208.
Bob states: "The EVE SC208 active monitors are ideal for my workspace. They provide me with ample, accurate lows, smear-free mids, non-fatiguing highs and are capable of delivering much more volume than I require. Which is interesting coming from a bloke who often used 4 quad boxes on stage!
The EVE Audio SC208 monitors have taken the guess-work out of mixing. My mixes translate well, and, just as importantly, the mixing experience has become a much more enjoyable one.
The only problem I've thus far encountered using the EVE Audio SC208 monitors is that I find my coffee often goes cold... I get so carried away with the EVE Audio clarity that I forget to drink it!"

Electric Factory represents EVE Audio in Australia. For assistance or a demo please call Electric Factory at +61 039 474 1000 or visit Mark Spies and his team look forward to assisting you.

For worldwide distributors please click here.

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